Hello there kind person and visitor! My name is Sandra Davidsson, and this is my portfolio where I more or less dump stuff I have made. I made this just for the sake of making a portfolio, also because I just love making websites. Anyway, like I said; my name is Sandra but my friend call me either san, sandrew or sparven (which means sparrow in english). I am from sweden, I am 24 years old and I am a kind person with a large giving heart. I am terribly creative and always have something to do. Either I draw, make websites, take photos, write stories etc etc. I have severe dyslexia so if you see any grammar error, it's because of it.

By using the link to the left, I mean clicking on the links, the menu will scroll you to the section you pressed. For example if you wish to look at my photos just click on the photography link and the site will automatically scroll you to that section. You can find contact information last, on the "final words" section. Just send me a message if you want to contact me or ask me something :>

last update was: 2016-04-04 | 21:46.
this portfolio has a total of: 20 Photos, 15 Art Works & 10 Graphics.
layout name & version:"pastel sunset", version 3.

I have tried to pick photos that are interesting and fun to look at. I tried sorting them in either style, color or motive. My camera is a Canon EOS 500D, and I own two kind of lenses. I only take images for fun, hence I am amature photographer. I sometimes edit my photos using photoshop, but only sometimes.I hope you enjoy my photos :>

These are the art works I have created. My style is a mixture of semi realism and cartoon, NOT manga. Manga looks very very different from my style. I do traditional inking, which means I ink by hand and later scan my drawings and color them digitally using photoshop or a similar program. I use a Wacom Graphire4 tablet when coloring, and never a mouse. My art is sorted as in newest first and oldest last. Sketches are last, you will see which ones are sketches.

I also enjoy making graphics, using either game arts, paintings or/and even png files of a variety of different themes and looks. Sadly I haven't made anything new in a while, so these are pretty old. They do give aa insight in what I can do using photoshop however. When I make graphics or websites I always use textures, and I have not made the textures myself. The textures were made by people for people, free for personal use. The graphics are sorted as in first row is the newest and second row is the oldest.

If you wish to contact me there a few ways to do so. Over at my main site I have a form, which you can use if you don't wish to send me a message using hotmail or any other personal email service. If you wish to use a personal email service you can send me a message on:

Sandra(at)precise-poetry(dot)net or georgedesu(at)hotmail(dot)com.

I would like to credit some people, just because. Thank you to Vervex, ryoichi tsunekawa, lokeshd hakar and branded quotes. You guys rock! Thank you for making stunning graphics, scripts and fonts! :>

Everything on this site is non profitable. I gain no money from it and its only existence is to display the things I made. All photos are mine and may NOT be use anywhere without my permission. As well as the drawings/sketches and graphics. DO NOT use them anywhere or for anything. That was all, thank you! ♥